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Each December, the VSC sponsors and plans a campus-wide Christmas program for the residents. The program consists of a facility wide Christmas tree decorating contest, resident choir performances, resident dance performances and a holiday treat! In addition to the program, the VSC purchases and sets up Christmas decorations on campus for the entire month of December.



This project is held on-campus this summer! The VSC planned an afternoon of activities for the residents. Some of the activities will include cowboy boot decorating, mechanical bull rides, country line dancing and more! We are excited to host the event this year and see it grow and become an annual event for our residents! Stay tuned to our social media for event photos.

Music Fest 2018.JPG


Each year, the Texas State Hospitals and State Supported Living Centers come together for their annual "Follow Your Dreams Music Festival". Residents from every state facility come together in San Marcos to compete in multiple musical and dance categories. While this event is planned by state employees, it is not funded by the state. Each year, the VSC pays for all participating resident's event registration fee and room and board! Our residents LOVE this event and begin practicing months in advance. 


Each year the CCSSLC residents are represented in the local Buccaneer Night Parade. The VSC and volunteers worked hard to create a beautifully decorated float representing the Volunteer Services Council of the CCSSLC. Residents, staff and VSC board members all stand on the float and participate in the parade! In 2022, the facility was still under COVID-19 protocols so residents were unable to attend. We are looking forward to 2023 though!

While these four projects are reoccurring for us, we are always looking for new ideas and projects to take on at the facility!
Stay tuned to see what we can accomplish!

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